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Takin’ Over

By Brandon ‘Lil b’ McCartney

(Available in late summer) Rapper, songwriter and now author, Brandon ‘Lil b’ McCartney, writes from the heart about being BASED and POSITIVE and SHREDDING old concepts that rap music has to be about violence and anger. “FREE DVD Featuring Original Lil’ B Raps Inside!” Learn More…


Winning The Battle Within: A Pros’ Guide to the Mental Side of Golf

By Dr. Glen Albough and Michael Bowker

(Available Now!) Welcome to the new, resided edition of Winning the Battle Within! Inside this book you will find two new, exciting chapters focusing on how some of the top golf professionals and teachers worldwide are using the lessons in this book on the course. Learn More…

Parent driven

Parent–Driven Schools A Public School Warrior’s Fight to Revolutionize Education and Take Back our Schools!

By Randy Gaschler

Now in its second printing! Hailed by activists on both sides of the political spectrum, Parent-Driven Schools is one of the most important books on education in recent years. Learn More…


The Five Keys to Distance

By Eric Jones, World Long Drive Champion

In “The 5 Keys to Distance” You’ll Learn: ANSWERS! WHAT you need to do to get more distance..WHY you need to master the 5 Keys. HOW to incorporate the 5 Keys into your swing. HOW TO APPLY IT on the course, where it really matters. Learn more…

What your Lawyer

What Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know

By Douglas R.Eikermann, JD. LLM

(Available now!) This amazing book gives you the knowledge and power to go from being a spectator in the legal process, to being confidently in charge of your own case. There are great tips and advice in here. Learn More…

Fatal Deception

Fatal Deception

By Michael Bowker

Fatal Deception is the story of the most deadly environmental disaster in America. Investigative reporter, Michael Bowker, called “an old-fashioned muck-raking journalist” by the Literary Journal, breaks open the country’s most heavily guarded secret – the fact that asbestos is still very much legal in America and is killing people by the thousands. Learn more…

New title coming soon!

Six Real-Life Strategies for Living Well in a Diabetic Body

By Debbie Leaper

(AVAILABLE HERE IN EARLY FALL) Debbie Leaper has lived in a diabetic body for 42 years. Diagnosed in 1967 before the advent of home blood glucose monitoring, unrefrigerated, synthetic and quick-acting insulins, HbA1c tests, the information provided in the American Diabetes Association “Standards of Care”, and the acknowledged link between mind and body medicine. Learn More…