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Takin'Over_cvrTakin’ Over!

By Brandon McCarthy

In this intensely positive, funny and empowering book, rap artist Brandon ‘Lil’b’ McCarthy shows why he has become a powerful and authentic voice of the new generation. It will make you take a second look at teenagers today—and look you should because they are Takin’ Over! It’s a book about music, love, life, hope, being young and being positive about yourself and the world, and most of all, how to get suuuper mainy, na mean? Learn more…

WBW_cvrWinning The Battle Within: Mental Strategies for Better Golf

By Dr. Glen Albaugh and Michael Bowker

Available now with two new chapters! With the first edition being sold out to WBW converts all over the world, Kele Publishing is proud to announce a new book release this spring—with two new chapters! Written by Dr. Glen Albaugh, a sports psychologist to more than 50 touring golf professionals, and Michael Bowker, former contributor to Golf Magazine and author of ten other books, it will set you free to trust your swing. “Glen’s teachings helped form the foundation of my coaching philosophy, this book should be in every golfer’s library,” said PetCarroll, coach of the two-time NCAA champion USC Trojan football team. Learn more…

Parent driven

Parent-Driven Schools (Second Edition) A Public School Warrior’s Fight to Revolutionize Education and Take Back our Schools!

By Randy Gaschler

(Available now!) If you are one of the millions of parents in America who feel our schools are failing many of our children, then this book is for you. Teachers, students and especially parents will love this blueprint for changing America’s school system into what it once was – the best in the world. Written by charter school pioneer, Randy Gaschler, it has been lauded by educators, parents and politicians from both sides of the Aisle, including California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who called it, “A crucially important book.” Learn more…

the_5_keys_to_distanceThe Five Keys to Distance

By Eric Jones, World Long Drive Champion

This book will tell you exactly what you need to do—step by step to add 20, 30 or 50 more yards to your drives. “This is a serious golf instruction for serious golfers!” The concepts in this book are not just theory. They are field-tested and battle-proven techniques that WILL help you get more distance. Learn more….

What your Lawyer

What Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You To Know

By Douglas R.Eikermann, JD. LLM

Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? At last, a book that will help you through the thorny byways of finding, hiring, managing and even firing a lawyer. Most of us must hire a lawyer at some time in our lives and usually it’s when we have an issue that is critically important. That’s when you need the information in this book. Learn more…

Fatal DeceptionFatal Deception
The Terrifying True Story of How Asbestos is Killing America

By Michael Bowker

Fatal Deception is the story of the most deadly environmental disaster in America. Investigative reporter, Michael Bowker, called “an old-fashioned muck-raking journalist” by the Literary Journal, breaks open the country’s most heavily guarded secret – the fact that asbestos is still very much legal in America and is killing people by the thousands. See why the U.S. Senate asked Michael to spend nearly 60 hours debriefing Senate members on the issue and how his testimony helped stop a bill (it failed by a single vote) that would have forever robbed asbestos victims of their right to justice. Learn more…

Lessons From a Sweet Life

By Debbie Leaper

This book, available this fall, speaks to the importance of “self” in the self-management of diabetes with what you must know, where to turn when it seems all so overwhelming and choices you always have when it seems you have none. Learn more…