Lessons From a Sweet Life

Six Real-Life Strategies for Living Well in a Diabetic Body

By Debbie Leaper

(AVAILABLE HERE IN EARLY FALL) Debbie Leaper has lived in a diabetic body for 42 years. Diagnosed in 1967 before the advent of home blood glucose monitoring, unrefrigerated, synthetic and quick-acting insulins, HbA1c tests, the information provided in the American Diabetes Association “Standards of Care”, and the acknowledged link between mind and body medicine, she assists type 1 and 2 colleagues and friends when faced with a diabetes-related obstacle. She has provided outreach to Joslin Diabetes Center participants as well as to blind students at the Braille Institute Los Angeles, and mentored newly diagnosed teenage diabetics.

When asked the top three factors for good health, she enumerated the following:

1. Exercising your body;
2. Testing your blood sugar (both type 1 and 2);
3. Searching, finding and not settling for anyone less than a specialist in diabetes care whom you trust;

Today she desires to reach more Type 1 and Type 2”s through her book, Lessons From a Sweet Life – Six Real-Life Strategies for Living Well in a Diabetic Body. Debbie’s anecdotes offer information and motivation gleaned from a life lived within the structure of diabetes care as well as out-of-the box, finding answers not often provided in our current health care environment . She speaks to the importance of “self” in the self-management of diabetes with what you must know, where to turn when it seems all so overwhelming and choices you always have when it seems you have none.

Lessons From a Sweet Life will be published in the fall by Kele Publishing.