What Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know

What your Lawyer

What Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know

By Douglas R.Eikermann, JD. LLM

(Available now!) This amazing book gives you the knowledge and power to go from being a spectator in the legal process, to being confidently in charge of your own case. There are great tips and advice in here. You’ll learn how to choose the best lawyer for your situation and how to collaborate with your lawyer to insure that your case is handled properly. You’ll also learn when and how to fire your lawyer if your case is mishandled.

What Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You To Know provides strategies for getting the most out of your lawyer. It contains specific answers to questions regarding your lawyer for legal services ranging from divorce and civil disputes to traffic court and personal injury. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find and work with a lawyer
  • Control attorney fees and expenses
  • Assist your lawyer with your   case
  • Analyze whether your lawyer is doing a good job
  • Fire and sue your lawyer

This book is written with average folks like us in mind. Even if you’ve never been ex-posed to the court system before, and know nothing about legal concepts or jargon, you’ll find this book easy to read and use. Published originally by Self-Counsel Press, located in Bellingham, Washington.

About the Author
Douglas Eikermann has a wide range of experience as an attorney. He worked as a prosecutor and a public defender before turning to corporate law. He now works as a consultant to corporations which do business in the Americas. He has written thousands of contracts and has a deep knowledge of the law and a lawyer’s proper role in it. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1974, completed studies for a Juris Doctor at the University of Kansas in 1982, and earned a Master of Laws from the Uni-versity of Pacific in 1985.