Fatal Deception

Fatal DeceptionFatal Deception
The Terrifying True Story of How Asbestos is Killing America

by Michael Bowker

(Available now!) If you think asbestos is banned in America – think again! This book exposes what many corporations don’t want you to know – that asbes-tos is still a legal ingredient in thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of Americans are unknowingly being exposed to this deadly toxin every year.  The book includes a chapter that explains what you can do to insure you and your family’s safety.

Fatal Deception is also the first book to tell the story of the blinding greed that lead to the most lethal man-made environmental disaster in United States history – the asbestos contamination of an American town where more than 1,500 people have been stricken with fatal asbestos caused diseases. Bowker unveils this darkest of tales like unveil-ing of a horror novel – not to be believed except that what happened here is true.

Finally, the book brings us to the present danger that asbestos continues to pose – it is legal and deadly – and why Congress and much of the media continues to work to cover up these dangers.

Bowker’s skillful story-telling abilities will keep you captivated through the final page. The book was originally published in hard cover by Rodale Publishing and the in soft cover by Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster also offers an audio version of the book.

About the Author

Michael Bowker is an investigative journalist specializing in telling the human stories behind today’s health, science and environmental issues. A former contributor to the Los Angeles Times, he has written ten books and more than one thousand articles for a variety of publications. He can be reached at: Mbowker10@gmail.com