Parent-Driven Schools

Parent drivenParent–Driven Schools
A Public School Warrior’s Fight to Revolutionize Education and Take Back our Schools!

By Randy Gaschler

Now in its second printing! Hailed by activists on both sides of the political spectrum, Parent-Driven Schools is one of the most important books on education in recent years. A credentialed teacher, administrator, coach, and founder of one of the first charter schools in America, Gaschler is helping to lead a grass-roots revolution to take back our schools. He writes with great candor and passion about his efforts to wrench the power over our children’s futures away from government bureaucrats and give it back to where he feels it belongs – to the parents!

In Parent-Driven Schools, you’ll get a fascinating insider’s look at his battles with the bu-reaucracy, which hates losing power and often fights dirty. After reading this book, you will be inspired to join Randy in his quest to take back our schools.
Here are some excerpts:

  • When America’s schools were the best in the world, they were parent-driven.
  • Our flawed system of education that is based on the absurd concept that all chil-dren learn alike. This one-size-fits-all approach is proving to be a recipe for disaster for America.
  • Standardized testing is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on parents and our children. Test scores have become of the sole measurement of our schools and tragically, of our children.
  • Parents, not the government, should determine whether controversial subjects should be taught in schools.
  • New Zealand, which boasts one of the foremost school systems in the world, offers nationwide school choice. All of their schools are charter schools.
  • Teachers must not be forced to waste their talents by ‘teaching to the standardized tests’, but should take on new roles as mentors, coaches and primary resources for students.
  • Our goal should be to guide and encourage our children to become life-long learners – not forcing them to memorize facts that they will soon forget.
  • We can change the system – all we have to do is get involved!

About the Author

Randy Gaschler is the father of five children and the founder of one of the nation’s first and most successful charter schools. He is a graduate of UCLA, where he won All-American honors as a center on the Bruin football team. Randy has five teaching cre-dentials and has coached varsity high school sports. Today, he is the President of Inno-vative Education Management (IEM), a non-profit organization dedicated to managing parent-driven schools. He can be reached at Randyg@Parentdrivenschools.com.