Takin’ Over


FREE DVD Featuring Original Lil’ B Raps Inside!

By Brandon ‘Lil B’ McCartney

(Available now!) Rapper, songwriter and now author, Brandon ‘Lil b’ McCartney, writes from the heart about being BASED and POSITIVE and SHREDDING old concepts that rap music has to be about violence and anger.

TAKIN’ OVER is Lil b’s rap to the world – a world that that the San Francisco-based star says is about to be Takin’ Over with THE POSITIVE, THE LOVE and ALL POSSIBILITIES for everyone.  Written in the form of text messages and emails to his thousands of fans and friends, it reveals his inner-most feelings about LIFE, LOVE, and MUSIC.

One reviewer of TAKIN’ OVER called Lil b, “A rappin’, philosophizin’, teenage Ben Franklin.”   It’s possibly the most positive and insightful book to yet come out of the “Anything is Possible” generation.

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