Winning the Battle Within

Winning the Battle Within Winning The Battle Within: A Pros’ Guide to the Mental Side of Golf

By Dr. Glen Albaugh and Michael Bowker

(Available Now!) Welcome to the new, resided edition of Winning the Battle Within! Inside this book you will find two new, exciting chapters focusing on how some of the top golf professionals and teachers worldwide are using the lessons in this book on the course and even in their own lives. Their stores are sometimes funny, often poignant and always insightful.

The book carries with it the theme that “The Perfect Swing is the One You Trust.” With this profound insight, Dr. Glen Albaugh, a leading applied sports psychologist, begins a wonderful journey into the mysteries of the inner game that will help you play better golf and have more fun doing it.’

You’ll learn how to swing tension-free and play in the imaginative mind – which many pros and top amateurs now feel are the two most important factors in shooting better scores and having more enjoyment on the golf course. You will gain confidence, mental toughness, and the ability to perform under pressure by using Dr. Albaugh’s revolutionary new practice drills, which are outlined in detail in the book – so you can practice like the pros! Embraced by thousands of pros, amateurs and coaches, Winning the Battle Within is a lively and enjoyable adventure that will lead you to trusting swings and ultimately the Winners Circle.